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Ten Simple Secrets to Harmonize Your Body with the Earth and Increase Your Energy and Vibration in 30 Days! 

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The perfect health of these people provides a shining example of what is possible in physical strength and endurance, perfect eyesight and teeth, longevity, skill and agility, mental development, morality, and overall well-being.

Wallace Wattles, The Science of Being Well

Who are these people?  These are the healthiest people on the planet - those who eat in harmony with the earth.  Find out how they do it today.

Discover the secrets to having a radiant body that vibrates in tune
with the earth, courses light energy through your limbs, and
enhances your mental abilities!

Take The 30 Day Challenge and You Can Rejuvenate Your Body by

Just 30 Days From Today!  This is the 30 Day Challenge.  I'll pay you double your money back if in 30 Days you don't receive all five of the benefits below.

Lose Weight (if you need to)
Enjoy Your Food More
Save Money on Your Food Bill
Increase Your Energy Level &
Feel More Harmony and Connection to the Earth

Yes, not just one benefit, but all five, or I will pay you!

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With the Harmony Earth Diet, You Get ...

Foods Prepared With Love!

Simplicity and Elegance in Eating

The Freedom to Eat Whenever You Want, and What Your Body Craves

Awareness and Enjoyment in the Eating Process

The Freshest Food You Have Ever Had in Your Life!

A Stunning Variety of Foods to Please Your Tastes


From:  Christopher Westra

Author: The Harmony Earth 30 Day Energy Diet

Dear Friend,

If you want the vibrant glowing health and extra energy that comes from a Harmony Earth Diet, the satisfaction and joy that comes from eating the proper food for your body, and if you want the increased focus and success that this diet creates.. then this might be the most important health information you'll ever read.

Wouldn't it be amazing to feel the abundant vitality of a child again?  You can, and here's why.  

I'll teach you how to eat the way your body wants to eat, by raising your intuition and awareness.  That sounds like a big promise, but you take the 30 day challenge for yourself and try it.

The truth is, there is no one right diet for everybody!  Don't listen to anyone who claims otherwise.  Your needs are unique and they change over time depending on climate, culture, attitude, digestion, age, activity, beliefs, awareness, pregnancy, mental work, and many other factors.

"The Harmony Earth 30 day Energy Diet" by Christopher Westra is the most practical, down to earth, yet spiritual in context, diet book that I've ever read.

Many of the ideas presented validate what I'm doing already with regard my eating habits and take off the pressure, giving me permission to relax about the way I eat. Yet some of the ideas challenge the way that I currently think about diet. This book is such an easy read yet definitely does not skim the surface.

I particularly love the pages which overview the "10 principles of a harmony diet vs. unharmonious diet", on which this book is based. As well, I get to see what is the polar opposite to a harmony diet. The perfect chart to pin up in the kitchen!

Thank you Christopher. I love it and you've produced another gem with this book. You come straight to the point, and I know that you write from years of personal experience."

Thea Westra (Life Coach)


Picture of Christopher and Family - Use the Harmony Earth Diet
(Christopher's family lives on this diet 95% of the time, with only one
visit to a doctor total for all boys).


Yes, you can use this diet to increase the energy level of every member of your family.  

You can have someone with experience teach you how to eat in harmony with natural principles.

Christopher Westra has helped thousands to increase their vitality through the powerful foods and principles in this diet.

He provides in this book a unique flexible plan that teaches you how to be "in tune" with your nutritional needs at any time.

Don't listen to anyone who isn't getting the results you want!  What are some of the personal results he has obtained?

  • He has a renewed connection to the rhythms of the earth, and an awareness of the oneness of all living things.

  • Christopher has learned how to save money and save time while also eating the foods your body craves.

  • He has increased the variety of his personal diet to over 250 foods.  Many of these are listed in the chapter on food variety (Chapter Two). 

  • His long-standing bursitis is completely gone!  

  • His hair is thicker, and thin spots are completely filling in!   

  • He has an increased vision and purpose in life!

  • His daily energy level continues to increase, as well as his ability to focus mentally on creative personal and business activities.

  • Are you starting to see how the harmony earth diet will benefit you?

Christopher has been studying nutrition, psychology, personal potential, and joyful living for over 20 years. He lived on raw foods for three years as an experiment, and does not recommend this to others.  Read this book to find out why he switched from the raw food diet to the harmony earth diet, and the advantages of this diet.


Get specifics about how to eat intuitively ...by someone who has experience.

If you want to learn how to consistently gain the energy, focus, and vitality to achieve your dreams, then get the information in this book!

All eleven chapters of the book are well organized, containing six different sections.  Each chapter includes a review question and at least one practical exercise for you.  These exercises at the end of each chapter will help you to grasp and put into practice the ideas in the book.  Acting brings about change! 

Don't worry, the exercises are easy. This is a hands on book with specifics and details.


Read this book and find out how the harmony earth diet can affect your sexuality.  What you read may surprise you.  The change has certainly been a benefit in my life.

It was a change that was totally unexpected.


Here are just some of the mind-expanding secrets this book has for you

  • The #1 mistake most people make when starting a new diet, and how to do the exact opposite for success! (Chapter Three)

  • How to keep yourself physically satisfied by eating the foods your body needs right now. (Chapters One, Seven, and Ten)

  • How you can change habits easily and suspend your usual patterns of thinking. (Introduction)

  • Why you should throw out all eating rules and regulations, and allow yourself total freedom regarding what you eat and when you eat!
    (Chapter Three)

  • How to ensure your success by increasing your skills of intuition and awareness. (Chapters One, Nine, and Ten)

  • How your thoughts influence your progress, and how to reprogram your thinking for joy and success! (Chapters Seven, Eight, and Nine)

  • Why a flexible approach to eating will bring health and vitality much better than a rigid approach. (Chapter Three)

  • The Art of Conscious Eating, and how to chew your food so you really taste it! (Chapter One)

What's really amazing is how much time you save on the harmony earth diet.  You may not realize how much time and energy you expend on food preparation!  Not anymore!

With the simplicity of the harmony earth diet, you choose how much time you want to spend.  You can eat simply and lightly when you want, or you can take some time to prepare wonderful combinations and recipes.  Your body will tell you, based on what you need.

It's a very free feeling to have more control over your time.


  • How to visualize the health you want in a way that activates your subconscious mind to create your health for you! (in bonus book)

  • What the author of "Eating in Eden" says about the number of foods eaten by healthy societies. (Chapter Two)

  • Why 99% of diets fail, and exactly what you need to do to be the one who succeeds. (Chapter Three))

  • An entire chapter of positive societal changes and benefits that could result when large numbers of people switch back to the harmony earth diet. (Chapter Eleven)

  • How to set up the eating environment so that you can fully absorb the consciousness of your food and gain full nutrition. (Chapter One)

  • Specific ways to identify your own eating beliefs, rules, and regulations, and how to backtrack to find who and where you adopted them from. (Chapter Three)

  • A suggested reading list of books to further your motivation, skills, and knowledge about the harmony earth methods. (Chapter 11)

  • How you can tell when you are eating unconsciously, and triggers that lead to unconscious eating.  (Chapters One and Ten)

  • Ways to decrease your food allergies through the sixth Harmony Earth Secret. (Chapters Two and Six)

  • How to tell, using specific guidelines, how you are doing in the area of intuitively sensing your body's needs. (Several Practical Exercises)

  • Why now is the best and easiest time to get into the Harmony Earth Diet because of the tremendous number of food options available. (Chapters Three and Six)

  • How to double your eating time and double the pleasure and enjoyment you get from your food. (Chapter One)

  • Practical exercises that will help you holographically synchronize your brain hemispheres for increased wholeness and expanded awareness. (Chapter One)


When you feel better physically, and look better, your entire life just goes better.  I found that even my relationships improved!

You will find that with increased well being and energy, you naturally interact with others in a healthier, more positive way.  You simply have more energy to connect with others in a meaningful way!

  • What Jordan Rubin, author of "The Maker's Diet", says about the food variety of our ancestors compared to what most people eat today.  (Chapter Two)

  • Six specific places to look for new foods, and how to have fun introducing new foods into your diet. (Chapter Two)

  • The diets and eating practices of the healthiest people on earth!  (Chapter Seven)

  • Why you should throw out your rigid ideas about what foods are "breakfast" foods or "lunch" foods, and how to get over your limiting ideas. (Chapter Three) Note - you can throw out lots of other rigid ideas also!

  • How to systematically and intuitively sense how different foods react and work with your body, and how to use what you learn in the Harmony Earth Diet.  (Chapter Four)

  • Exactly why it doesn't matter if you eat a few big meals or many small meals through a day, as long as your are in tune with your body's needs. (Chapter Three)

  • Why our society has moved away from being in tune with our bodies and our nutritional needs, but how you can get it back!  (Chapter Four)

  • How to use the 5/5/5 rule in your diet to save time, money, and energy. (Chapter Four)

  • Why trying to have certain foods at each meal in order to be "balanced" is a recipe for failure.  (Chapter Four)

  • The specific questions to ask yourself about your foods to ensure that you are getting quality food!  (Chapter Five)

  • How choose those foods that fulfill you on a deep level, using your intuition and taste as guides.  (Chapter Five)

  • Specific ways to educate yourself about food quality.  Become aware and informed.  (Chapter Five)

  • How to rate foods on a continuum (scale) of quality, rather than thinking in terms of good or bad foods.  (Chapter Five)

  • Why to respect the consciousness and energy of food, and how to harmonize your body to the area in which you live. (Chapter Six)

  • The six staple foods used predominately in hunger relief efforts, and what they all have in common.  (Chapter Eleven)

  • How the present design of large scale food production disconnects us with the earth, reduces food quality, increases pollution and cost of food, and makes us more prone to famine. (Chapter Six)


When you are finished with this book, you will not only have knowledge, but you will have new skills and awareness as well.

Sixteen practical exercises will allow you to put the secrets of the Harmony Earth Diet into real life!  The 30 Day program is designed to move you ahead quickly and surely.  There is at least one practical exercise for each chapter.

Incremental actions lead to monumental results!  Simply move ahead and implement the secrets of each week, and you will be amazed at the progress you will achieve.

  • The three major ways to find quality local foods for your family.  (Chapter Six)

  • What to do when your local food is not quality food! (Chapter Six)

  • How to easily find much better foods than your local supermarket fare.  (Chapter Six)

  • Why your nutritional needs change from season to season and from day to day, and that the only proper way to eat is by intuition, by being in harmony with the foods available to you. (Summary of Second Week Program)

  • How to be patient and allowing with yourself as you make eating changes.  (Throughout the book)

  • The #1 way to identify foods your ancestors couldn't have eaten, by playing the planet game. (Chapter Seven)

  • The psychological truth that will help you put this diet into practice in a flexible way.  Hint - It's what you do most of the time that counts! (Chapter Seven)

  • The single most important factor that will raise your conscious vibration and energy level.  (Chapter One)

  • What scientist and author David Murray says about genetically modified foods.  This may surprise you.  (Chapter Eight)

  • The one question to ask regarding genetically modified plants. (Chapter Eight)

  • The truth about wild foods, and why your ancestors couldn't have eaten a starchy diet.  (Chapter Eight)

  • Specific ways to get wild foods into your diet, even if you live in the city! (Chapter Eight)

  • Why poor diet is at the root of many addictive behaviors, and how the harmony earth diet can help prevent all addictions.  (Chapter Eight)

  • The secret of eating "loved foods" and why the food industry is incapable of manufacturing healthy foods. (Chapter Nine)


This book is about relaxing and flowing and becoming aware of your body's needs.  It is not about being rigid or regimented.  Relax.  

Discover and enjoy the way we were meant to eat.  Increase your conscious awareness.  The side benefits are incredible!

  • How to look for and find loving and generous people as our food providers.  Five specific criteria to use. (Chapter Nine)

  • How you can find "loved foods" in the twenty first century, and how to vote with your pocketbook!  (Chapter Nine)

  • The importance of proper food preparation, and how doing it right will increase the vibration and energy of the meal. (Chapter Nine)

  • The benefits to society that will occur when people start growing loved food, preparing loved food, and eating loved food!  (Chapter Nine)

  • How to use respect, love, and intuition in all social eating situations. (Chapter Nine)

  • Why loved foods satisfy you on a deep spiritual level.  (Chapter Nine)

  • How to send frequencies and thoughts into your foods.  You will love this practical exercise!  (Chapter Nine)

  • What water crystals teach us about love, drinking, eating, and blessing our food.  (Chapter Nine)

  • How to allow the dietary changes to flow, rather than forcing them.  Note - this involves clarity more than discipline.  Learn how.  (Third Week Summary)

  • How to notice and enjoy flavors and textures in foods that you haven't experienced in years. (Chapter One)

  • Ways to be aware of your appetite, cravings, and addictive drives by being a witness, and how to eliminate these destroyers of joy.  (Chapters One and Ten)

  • How you can retrain your mind one meal at a time, and eat to live, not live to eat!  (Chapter Ten)

  • The exact differences between hunger and appetite, and how to mentally allow yourself to become truly hungry before a meal.  Hint - get rid of fear.  (Chapter Ten)

  • How the mass media strategically stimulates our appetite, and what to do about it for optimal health and energy. (Fourth Week Summary)

The Harmony Earth Movement is growing in an 
incredibly rapid way.  

The Harmony Earth Challenge is an adventure that will transform who you are.  

The holistic principles of connection and harmony are exploding into books and onto websites throughout the world.  This is a great increase in light for the earth and for you too!   

Discover the benefits that others are experiencing....  

There are people all over the world seeking health, vitality, and greater connection with Mother Earth.  When you begin you will become aware of them.  These are people just like you who decided to create a new lifestyle.  They just decided to begin, and you can too!

This truly is a planetary consciousness raising.  Christopher has sold his books in the following 108 countries:  Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Guam, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Namibia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Portugal, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Iceland, Israel, Mauritius, Malta, Korea, Estonia, Denmark, Mexico, Qatar, Sweden, Yugoslavia, Russian Federation, Bahamas, Oman, Kenya, Slovak Republic, China, Pakistan, Greece, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Romania, Bermuda, Cyprus, Croatia (Hrvatska), Kuwait, Ethiopia, Jordan, Malaysia, Peru, Thailand, Nepal, Ecuador, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Czech Republic, Barbados, Lithuania, Bangladesh, Poland, Tanzania, Netherlands Antilles, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Guadeloupe, Slovenia, Venezuela, Finland, Latvia, Columbia, Taiwan, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Monaco, Iran, Romania, Isle of Man, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Costa Rica, Ghana, Anguilla, Egypt, Panama, Saint Vincent and The Grenadines, Botswana, Uruguay, Brunei Darussalam, Ivory Coast, Viet Nam, Belize, Dominican Republic, Samoa, Luxembourg, Fiji, and Aruba!

I had to look up some of these countries to find out where they were.  Come join the earth in the Harmony Earth Diet, and help the planet at the same time..

Why an Ebook?  Discover the Benefits!

Millions are reading Ebooks and Here's Why

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  • The Harmony Earth Diet is delivered in in PDF (Adobe) format.  The bonus books are also in Adobe, and require the Acrobat Reader (which you probably already have).  The Harmony Earth 30 Day Energy Diet is 97 pages long.

  • You can get the Adobe Reader absolutely free (if you don't already have it).   

  • The downloading process is simple - even if you have never done it before.  Your books will be on your personal computer, and you will be able to access them at anytime. Simple instructions are on the download page.

  • If you have any trouble at all with the download process, I will make sure you get access to your books.  My customers are my business!   

We are all seeking for increased life and increased health.  You must be a health seeker to have attracted this site to you, and to have read this far.  

We are all striving for the same goals (health, happiness, wealth, freedom, achievement, purpose).  I tell you that eating vital and powerful foods, and giving my body the foods that it needs, has increased the realization of all my goals.

We have all heard the saying "You are What You Eat".  Over the months your body is literally reconstructed with different materials.  This leads to awesome changes in beliefs, goals, habits, dreams, and possibilities.  This is the true power of the Harmony Earth Diet. 


Please Note: Do NOT buy any book on diet unless it contains the following:

One:  Explains a joyful and do-able approach to healthy eating and lifestyle.

Two:  Increases your energy and enhances your personal connection to the earth, and explains the reasons the diet has these results.

Three:  Allows for flexibility in your eating program and teaches how to develop your intuition and awareness so you give your body exactly what you need.

Four:  Addresses cravings from both a mental and physical standpoint, along with the underlying reasons for these cravings, and a way to prevent addictive behaviors..

Five:  Gives you the big picture of what the Harmony Earth Diet can do for you.  Your increased consciousness literally propels you into a goal-achieving individual!

Six:  Includes a how-to chapter on how to enjoy your food more than ever.

Seven:  Delivers practical information from someone who has real experience using vital and powerful foods.

Eight:  Offers an unconditional money back guarantee for a full eight weeks.  You will be satisfied or every penny is refunded.

Nine:  Includes review questions and practical exercises for each chapter and principle so you can really put what you are learning into your daily life and get the results and increased energy you deserve!

Ten:  Explains how to save money on your food bill by using the diet.  You can actually save money if you know the right places to get quality food.


Another benefit to the Harmony Earth diet is how clean you feel inside. Feeling clean and light is awesome!

Your entire body begins to purify from the inside out, until the energy and radiance shine from your skin.

Your health and success are worth it!

  • Thousands of people throughout the world are returning to the Harmony Earth diet intended as the diet for all creatures on planet earth.  Yes, there is no "one right diet", and the Harmony Earth Diet varies for each person based on intuition and body needs.  

  • The Harmony Earth Diet is not a diet of specific foods, it is a way of living in harmony with natural principles.   

  • I'll confess that the idea of listening to your body and eating by intuition can be quite a change.  It was for me a short time ago.  But listen to your heart - doesn't it make sense?

  • I'll let you in on a secret.  There are some sacrifices.  But over time the benefits get greater and greater, and the sacrifices grow smaller and smaller.  Your tastes literally awaken - vital nourishing foods that your body wants taste so good!

  • To get the benefits, you must have faith and hope to begin.  To begin, you need the knowledge and skills in this Harmony Earth 30 Day Energy Diet.  

You get immediate and convenient access to:

The Harmony Earth Diet, along with some extra bonuses for acting now.

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Christopher also does Personal Harmony Earth Diet Consultations  

$100 for 1/2 hour
$190 for 1 hour

Services offered during these phone consultations are:

  • Continued Motivation

  • Transition to the Harmony Earth Diet

  • Handling Cravings

  • How to find Vital Powerful Foods

  • Personal Diet Analysis

  • Weight Loss through the Harmony Earth Diet

  • How to focus on The End Result You Want

  • How to Keep Flexible and Free with the Diet

  • Whatever You Need for Success 

  • Increasing Your Intuition and Awareness

  • How to Love Your Foods

  • Ways to Increase the Variety in your Diet where you live.

I'll work with you where you are at right now.  Everyone has different goals, purposes, needs, and tastes.  You can write to harmonyconsult(at)ICreateReality.com to arrange a time.

Note - so the sessions are the most beneficial to you, I only do consultations with those who have read the book and finished the first week (at least).


Order now and receive the following free bonuses.

I know the Harmony Earth diet has given me tremendous benefits.  I want to include these bonuses to give you every possible reason to say YES to this offer today!  I'm thinking of adding some more bonus books and raising the price for this offer, so don't delay.

If you respond immediately, in addition to the Harmony Earth Diet book, you'll also receive the following:

FREE Bonus  #1 - 15 Minute Consultation:  For a limited time, I'll do a free 15 minute consultation on the Harmony Earth Diet for any customer.  Note - I don't know how long I will be able to keep up with these free personal consultations, so act now!

FREE Bonus Book #2 - Easy Stress Cure 30 Day Program:   Easy Stress Cure tells you how to manifest more flow in your life and eliminate Stress, Worry, and Anxiety.  It's a great health companion to the Harmony Earth Diet.  All stress is caused by resistance and blockage.

Nearly every difficulty in life is caused by resistance.  Blow your limitations away and feel the exhilaration of acceptance and flow!


FREE BONUS Book #3 - The Science of Getting RichYou will also be given the Ebook that started me on creating my own reality and following my purpose.  I spend 30 minutes a day with this book!  The book is called The Science of Getting Rich.  This book teaches the step by step system that Mr. Wattles says will not fail!  The abundance you will recognize in your life will feel awesome.

It does tell you how to get rich, but it tells you so much more than that also.  The teachings sent shivers up my spine the first time I read it.  I felt the universe "open up" to new possibilities for me and I was filled with Hope and Enthusiasm.  I work from home now and built my entire Freedom Lifestyle after digesting this book.  This is the original book with all of Dr. Wattle's famous teachings about transforming your life!


FREE BONUS Book #4 "I Create Reality - Beyond Visualization"  The next 50 customers will also receive this book free.  "I Create Reality" is about How to Materialize Your Heart's Desires Through Holographic Creation.  See More about this book at the site www.ICreateReality.com.  This book alone is worth $39 so you are getting quite a package here. 

After twenty years of studying, reading, and application, these Principles of Reality Creation and Visualization with Emotion finally crystallized in an inspirational burst over the course of two days.  I fill out a HoloCreation Sheet every day and it's the most effective action I do.

If you want to create your own reality, this might be the book that starts you on the road to massive abundance as well as health!


FREE BONUS Book #5 "The Science of Being Well"  You will also receive a free copy of Wallace Wattle's classic book on how to have vibrant health and wellness throughout your life. This book explains how to devote your whole mind to the right way of thinking and living.  Learn about faith, health, original substance, and the power of thought creation.

Learn the true causes of disease, and how to use natural laws and powers to heal them and restore perfect health.

FREE BONUS Book #6- Talk That Builds HealthAnother Bonus Book You will Receive absolutely Free is also from Wallace Wattles.  Learn the constructive principle of life itself and how to use your thoughts and words to build the vital health you want!  This is the Master Secret of All Attainment.  Every Thought and Action either builds or destroys, and is either constructive or destructive.  This powerful book shows you just how to use this Law.

You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose with a 100% money-back guarantee

8 Week Risk Free Guarantee!

You have my personal guarantee that you will be totally delighted with the Harmony Earth Diet (and Bonuses) or you get a full refund.  

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If you need help downloading, just email me or call me after purchase and I will help!  About every tenth customer needs help downloading because it's new for them - That's OK!  Be Bold Today.

If The Harmony Earth 30 Day Energy Diet doesn't give you solid, practical information to increase your health and success dramatically, then you get all your money back!   

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Christopher Westra

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